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All About Shuler's

The Shuler Family started this business in 1982 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Throughout the last 40 years, over four generations have been involved in building and operating this company.  

Frank and Peggy Shuler's eldest son, Roger, and his wife, Cindy, run the business. You will find Roger and Cindy's youngest daughter, Misty, managing the service department and everything else behind the scenes. Their oldest, Christy, was a mechanic for 18 years, has now moved to book keeping for the business and sells art on the side. Frank and Peggy's great-grandson and great-granddaughter are also employed here. 

Brief History Facts:

- Frank and Roger hauled the first load of Mercedes-Benz parts over the mountain from Ft. Smith in 1973 for what became the first NWA dealer. Frank ran the service department at the dealer until Shuler Autohaus opened in 1982. 

- The earliest beginnings of the Ozark Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club started in the waiting room at Shuler Autohaus. 

- Roger was stationed in Germany and was introduced to the Sprinter vans, which cultivated his interest in these vehicles. 

- Misty has worked at Shuler Autohaus since she was 16. She is currently the General Manager.

- Christy worked as a technician for about 18 years before transferring to bookkeeping.






Mon-Fri:  7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday: (Closed)

Sunday: (Closed)

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